Thursday, September 12, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello dearest-s.

That was what a student midwife said to us while enthusiastically reliving the story of the first home birth she witnessed. Yes indeed, after only 2 weeks into my "sakit puan" rotation, welcoming a new life is as magical as magical can be.

I saw my first C-section yesterday, and subhanAllah it was beautiful (of course I'm not referring to the 'cutting' part). The baby immediately cried after his head popped out of that large incision on his mother's belly. The most beautiful sound ever. Seriously. I've never loved a baby's cry until that day.

All the staffs in the operating theater are all used to C-sects, they do 5-6 of them a day, that it was almost like a routine- showing the newborn to the proud parents, weighing, cleaning, examining. All that jazz. While there I was, standing in a corner witnessing the whole event with almost glassy eyes. Of course the mother cried, so I had to stop myself from tearing too. (Amboi skrg sapa mak budak ni, ko ke patient.)

The daddy kissed the mommy's forehead, both of them beaming happily at the sight of their 9-month worth of love and anticipation.

That was probably how my Abah reacted when I came into this world, coz I kinda give mama loads of trouble throughout my birth. She had a biggg C-sect scar because of a baby who decided to somersault in her belly. hikss thanks mama abah love youss!

It really reminded you of how your parents reacted when they first saw you, like they really really fall in love with this little bundle of joy in their arms. Like, you can never ever beat that kinda love, dude.

And this was C-section. I would probably sob uncontrollably in an actual normal delivery.
I'm on my delivery shift next week and boyyy I wonder how far can I handle this whole emotional thingy every day.

The way Allah created humans are just beyond amazing, just crazy amazing, mind-blowingly amazinggg.


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soma taha said...

Fairly certain he will have a very good read