Sunday, September 01, 2013

Warming up.

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies.

Pardon me for leaving this blog rusty for over 3 months. Malaysia has kept me too busy, I've been out and about spending precious times with families and friends that I couldn't sit still in front of my laptop screen. I have now concluded that I only write when I'm lonely, therefore, I am now. hahah

If I was in Malaysia, after dinner, at exactly 9.30pm now, I would sit at the living room with mama and abah watching our favourite TV shows or the news and chatting away, while Ira would be at the dining table nearby finishing her homework. At about 10pm Adik would call from MRSM, and sometimes on certain days Ayit would facetime us after Maghrib. Our cat Obi would lie lazily on the floor if he's home. Sitting in the same room with beloved families always gave a special sense of comfort that I was rarely in my own room at home. Now I'm alone in my own room in Dublin and it feels lonely and empty and quiet, despite my two speakers blasting out a song.

Fitting myself into my usual academic routine would be hard after 3 months of carefree living in the arms of loved ones. I don't even have a routine! I am now staring at a page of obstetrics notes thinking how unprepared I am for tomorrow's introductory class. In denial mode.

arghhh cakap ja lahhh ko homesick. HOMESICK.

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