Thursday, September 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum and helloo kittyyy.

My desk lamp just decided to burn itself again so I have no adequate light source to continue studying, hence the blogging hahaha puiii alasan

Anyways, I really feel the need to share what happened yesterday. I'm on my delivery week, which means I'm a 'stork' for a week, delivering babies to mummy daddyy. Interestingly, it was also my first time working with an amazing amazing group of people, called midwives. Amazing because they did a noble job, although sometimes they can be quite, errm, quite a character.

So I went on my morning shift as usual, and fortunately after an hour of waiting, the unsmiling senior midwife sent me to a room. I stayed with the patient, and it was a slow labour since that was also her first pregnancy. In the end, she went into a C-section so I waited again in the office to be assigned to a new patient.

"Excuse me, do you have any new patient I can go to?" "None at the moment." She answered shortly and sternly.

So I waited for another hour, staring blankly at the digital clock, hoping someone would allocate me to a room. I asked again, and was brushed off with the same answer. My shift was supposed to end at 3pm, and it was now 2.55pm. It was getting really really frustrating, as I feel like I'm wasting my time by just sitting there waiting. I made a mental note to leave at 3.15pm if nothing happens.

Added to the fact that an incident earlier that morning made me feel completely ignored. I won't go into details. But it was a really stressful morning and my patience was tested. Felt like screaming "HELLO I'M HERE CAN YOU SEE ME at least spare me a smile pleaseee" to everyone who come and go at the office.

Anyways, when I finally gave up and decided to grab my bag and leave, the senior midwife came and said, "Go to Room X." Off I went.

And it was my most hands-on delivery ever alhamdulillah. It was a lady who's on the verge of giving birth, I introduced myself to her and the lovely midwife in charge and automatically grabbed an apron and a pair of sterile gloves.

The senior midwife came in, saw me, and said, "Are you going to do the delivery?" "Err, no." "So why do you have your sterile gloves on?" "Oh sorry I just thought I could assist..." I answered timidly.

"Ok you need to wash your hands before putting the sterile gloves on. If you wanna do it, do it right." She said with the most gut-wrenching tone ever. Determined although slightly palpitating, I did what she told me to do.

Gloves checked, goggles checked, apron checked. I approached the patient and subconsciously placed my hands over her knees while she was in her contractions.

Again, the senior midwife turned to me and said sternly, "What are you doing?"
"No no no, you don't touch the patient with a sterile glove like that, understand? You need to get a new pair now, go."

If I were an ice cube, I would totally melt and evaporate into panic-stricken air. The only thing in my mind was that my day couldn't be any worse than this.

Just when the baby's head was almost out, the senior midwife turned out to be the best teacher ever. She guided my hand over the head and let me hold the baby, clamp the cord, deliver the placenta, and all that jazz, while enthusiastically explaining the bits and pieces of labour.

Plus, the baby was born to a Muslim mom, and was given a truly beautiful name. Double joy for me :)

In the end, the senior midwife was the kind of person who was willing to teach you if you proved that you're there to learn. She was all smiling and cheerful, which was truly the opposite character I saw earlier.

Sometimes perseverance can be rewarding. I regretted throwing tantrums in my own head, when all I should do was just be there sincerely to learn. Ikhlas. Rileks sudaa. Kalau memang ikhlas nk blaja mesti x kesah apa org cakap n x emo kann.

how cute is my preggy mommy?

p/s: "kalau saba and tunggu, mesti learn something new" ;)


yan said...

so this explains your last remark just now:
"tapi okay je last2"

hehe. :)

dayanaazhar:) said...

woahhhh niceee