Monday, February 11, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello.

Do you miss meh? *krikkrik

Been busy with what people call Life lately. I ended my surgery rotation last week and it was a crazy busy week, in a sense that it starts early. I considered any team activity starting before 7am is a busy week, even though we only have two cases in theatre that day. For the love of my warm bed against cycling in the cold and darkness. Oh dear God it's been a while since I've dragged myself out of bed at 5-ish am to reach hospital by 6.30am.

Anyways. Random conversation in lectures today:

Abu and Minah (bukan nama sebena): Ika why do you keep changing your names?
Me: I've got 3 different names on my badge! Of course it's confusing.
Minah: You should try introducing yourself as Sunflower, or Pineapple or some wacky random names to the consultant sometimes.
Abu: Yeah why don't you try on a very old name, like Mary.
Minah: No Mary sounds common, try Jacintha, Jaa-sin-tahh, wow that really sounds old.

And then they went on trying hard to pronounce my full name. Hahah. Ended up sounding very much like Nuzulaka. Nuzulakka nuzulakka, it sounded like some Hawaii national anthem or something hahaha

Yeah my bad,  I totally confuse people a number of times, especially the doctors and consultants. I've been called, Noor, Nura, Zulika, Zuleikha, Iki. You name it. No wonder all my teammates raised eyebrows when I introduce myself with a different name to the consultants each time.

They were like, Dude, which one are you, Ika or Nur or Zulika? Lol

Here's to a fresh start of Medicine rotation. Bismillahirahmanirrahim, send your lovely prayers for us pretty plish. xx