Monday, February 18, 2013

Caterpillar gemok.

Assalamualaikum and hello internet.

Tomorrow (20/2/13) a little fat caterpillar is turning into a butterfly and living its cocoon for a place called Auckland.
Ok fine butterfly sounds girly but no, I'm talking about my one and only brother.

Living miles away from him and the whole family is hard enough, what with the distance and the time difference. Now he decided to move further away from me to add another 5 hours to our current 8-hour time difference. He's probably trying to establish a subtle restraining order from his crazy sister, a way of saying 'bye kaklong you're now 18000km from me and you'll need at least 4 transits to get to me, so don't call me a fat ranjit anymore.'

I'm used to stay connected with my family through online means, so distance and time seemed more and more bearable after years of being apart. But the thought of not seeing him for another 1-2 years is a whole new thing. Alhamdulillah I went home every summer, which means I get to see them every year. Now my summer will be his winter, and my winter, his. Which means this year's raya, he won't be in Penang with the rest of us because he'd only come back during his summer around December (that is if he remembers malaysia :p).

You'd probably forgotten me by the time you reached Newzie from an overdose of Hobbit biscuits or something. And we'd probably see each other less and less. The last time I saw you was on the 7th of Dec 2012, and it'd be another year or so before I'll see you again.

Ok I know I see him every year but it's the fact that this time he's not 'in' Malaysia when I'm home. He's not somewhere in KL where we can visit him any time and go to IKEA to get meatballs together. The next time I wanna call him I'd have to go through some crazy maths to figure out his time zone. Plus I think he's among the few people who're expertly pro at dealing with my tantrums and mood swings (I was just teaching him a lesson on how to deal with emo girls).

Ferringhi sometime in 2008. Look how keding he was.

Emirates stadium last Dec 2012. See the difference? :p

You're always there to send me off and welcome me home at the airport each year, I feel really bad for not doing the same for your first flight to Auckland, but I will always and always pray so that Allah will take good care of you wherever you are and in whatever you're doing.

Jaga smayang, study smart, jangan homesick and whatsapp me as frequently as you whatsapp-ed your girlfriend(s) please.

Omg tacingnyaaa. I wrote this down because you know I won't be able to say this out loud. We're cool liddat aren't we :p

Selamat jalan adikku, may the force be with you.
Love, kaklong.

p/s: I'll be an avid stalker and like all newzie pictures on your instagram and facebook.

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