Monday, February 04, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello.

Here's my Tullamore story. To bore you further I'll now explain why I was in Tullamore. 4th-year students are now well into our Medicine and Surgery rotations, so like it or not, we will be placed in one of those peripheral hospitals outside Dublin at some point in the rotation. I was sent away to Tullamore to do 2 weeks of surgery, just approx 100km from Dublin, in a county called County Offaly. A pretty small town, with a brand new hospital just recently built to replace their old building. So everything were sleek and fresh.

UCD was generous enough to provide free B&B accommodation, and I was lucky enough to have the best host and a happy bunch of classmates to stay with. Of course to make sure I didn't starve I brought in some instant food and lotsa chocolates.

My cosy little room. Toilet en suite. And I have a TV in my room! Ended up watching lots of Jeremy Kyle talkshow. A TV show that definitely suits nosy people like me. Dasar penggosip

Our breakfast everyday, simple yet strangely fulfilling. Just boiled eggs and toasts. 

 One day I craved for Vincents' salmon so I bought a cheap one at Centra and roasted it in my landlord's oven. Still xbley beat salmon kat vincents. sobs. 

The lads decided to go out for a movie night on a Wednesday. I joined in knowing that I won't be doing anything productive for the night. Twas a draw between Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty, but everyone agreed on Lincoln. The movie was OK to me, though I somehow felt like attending a brief American history lesson. lol

The team at the hospital wasn't too bad either. The first time a consultant ever say my name right. Also resulting in my name being called frequently; "Zulaikha, what is the complications of gallstones?" "Zulaikha, tell us all about lap chole." The last time people ever call me by my full name was in lower secondary school. After PMR people decided that memory space needs to be saved so it turned into Zu or Ika instead. Hahah

I'm glad to say that I learned a lot from this placement. Write again soon. Astalavistahhh assalamualaikum :)

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