Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trial and error.

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peehpul.

Ok I know rarely keep this place updated but urmm sorry Medicine seems to be quite an overly attached boyfriend lately so most of my times are spent completing my logbook cases and all that boring stuff. Pffttt. The past few weeks were a roller-coaster ride, dragging myself out of exhaustion each day. Oh well, the present still is.

Usrah this morning talked about Allah's tests. Allah has His special way to put each of us through difficult times, mainly to see how we pull through.

I think myself was tested differently although in fairness everyone has their own challenges. God sifted me from the main pool, throw me into the big blue sea, to see how I swim in different waves and temperatures. Allah tapis keluar, untuk bagi ujian berbeza dari orang lain. To see who Zulaikha truly is. Like they say, the truth is always bitter. Zulaikha is flawed in many ways, and struggling to improve and swim like the rest. Doakan :) (al-Hajj 22:35)

All seriousness aside, here's what happened last week:

1) I've recently moved houses, and loving my new room! Although another Tullamore posting doesn't really give me the chance to sleep on my own bed. I'm getting a lift from one of the girls tonight so cheers to saving on train tickets.
they helped a lot. Thank youu!

2) We sent the PMC lads home for good last Monday. A really sad day. But I'm used to being left behind so yeah we'll be fine. Hopefully Penang treats you guys well!

bye miffyy :(

3) Logbook cases are a pain in the gluteal muscles. I know it should benefit students in many ways but to choose a suitable case to write is really time-consuming and actually turned us into insensitive monsters. We flipped through medical charts much like hungry customers flipping through pizza menus at PizzaHut. "Chest pain?" Already had one. "Anemia?" Not interesting. "Collapse?" Chart not readable etc. And Mrs Minah or Mr Mamat had already turned into "Oh that patient with DKA in bed 16 etc" =.='

Ok pray for my good health and study. Byee

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itana said...


ganbare zulaikha~! pelangi datang hanya bila ada hujan. or sprinkler. heeee ;)