Thursday, January 17, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello peeps.

Because I'll be posted away from Dublin in the next two weeks for my peripheral surgery rotation (it's in Tullamore, just a 1-hour train ride from Dubs), I'm committing myself to a list of short-term goals. Although  people say goals should be kept private because it's for you to score, I'm spelling them out anyway because it feels like I'm making a deal with 'someone' as a reminder. My blog is alive to me. Ok that sounds creepy..

1. Assume my Tullamore attachment is a free vacation granted by the school, all expenses paid!
2. Create a to-do-list everyday, with regards to surgical OSCE and MCQ.
3. Complete my surgical case write-up by the time I leave Tullamore.
4. Take a break at cousin's place over the weekend.
5. Finish the novel 'Life of Pi' to kill time.
6. Laugh a lot, and never let social awkwardness makes me sad.
7. If social awkwardness makes me sad, call parents as frequently as possible to ward off loneliness.

Now now I sounded like some social outcast. Haha

It's just that I've never been to Tullamore and don't really know what it's like. And only half of my groupmates will be there so I guess it's not fun when everyone's separated.

Ok Ika, positivity starts now! Bismillahirahmanirrahim.

5 comments: said...

found ur blog! :) gudlcuk ika~~

izyan.ariff said...

ah social awkwardness.
i like that name.heh :)

zulaikha zainol said...

akma: haiii! jumpe di alam maya hihi. gudluck to u too pwetty woman!

yan: kannn. mcm fits all our symptoms hahaha

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