Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello mortals.

Today I learned a valuable lesson for the umpteenth time. Always bring a whole pencil case with you at the hospital, or probably a box of cheap pens to your rescue.

The older you are, the less amount of stationery you want piling in your pencil case. I don't even need a pencil case, I just bring two types of pen every day, a blue and a black pen.

On the wards or clinics, I used to bring one pen. And then the doctor in your team goes on with the sweetest ice-breaking line, "Hey do you mind if I borrow your pen?" I reluctantly hand it over, knowing I'll never see you again dear pen.

So I learned my lesson. I brought two pens instead to my ortho clinic today.

Of course, the registrar needs a pen. I hand over the least favourite of the two. He used it for a while and then lost it along the way, because we were jumping from one cubicle to another. There goes a pen.

And the he noticed he lost it, and said "Hey did you take your pen earlier?" =.=

So he needed another pen, I gave him my last favourite one. The only blue Malaysian-mari Faber Castell pen I had in my yearly stock of stationery I bought from Malaysia. tsk :(

When I said I had to excuse myself for tutorials, I glanced at my pen and bid farewell. I'm left with no pens for the rest of the day and had to borrow from the Pencil Case King instead. He brings the whole koop with him everyday.

Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. Sediakan baaaaanyak payung sebelum hujan ok.