Monday, October 08, 2012

Health phobia.

Assalamualaikum and helloo.

The hardest part of being a medical student is trying to shift your mind away from overdiagnosing a simple fever or exaggerating a headache as a slow build-up of a brain haemorrhage. Over kan. Everybody's turning into a hypochondriac freak coz let's face it, Medicine freaks you out big time, especially when you get to learn how poor the prognosis is for certain disease you think you 'might have'.

hypochondriac kittyyy.

As the amount of clinical information grows in that little space of memory, suddenly a cough points towards an underlying lung cancer and an abdominal pain probably suggests a complete small bowel obstruction. Omg. I find myself in the same situation as I woke up this morning to an annoying lower back pain, and immediately thought of a spinal bone metastasis from a primary tumor. Tah papeeee, over.

And then I found an article that says hypochondria is actually a thought disorder, when an individual is excessively preoccupied with a physical symptom and continuously lives in fear of an awful disease. Gosh, hopefully nobody's a true hypochondriac in my class.

Although doctors are thought to have a high index of suspicion for certain red-flag symptoms, an overly inappropriate self-diagnosis is really unnecessary. Kite back pain gedik je pikir bone mets la apa, orang lain back pain direct suruh telan panadol je. Next time, if anyone came to me and complaint of a fever or a headache or anything really, I'll just say the magic words, "take panadol la nyahh." Pastu kasi MC free, wah gitu, kaya klinik aku.


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