Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Deeeep issues.

Assalamualaikum and  hewo (Bawwy Kwipke style)

Welcome to yet anuzzer daily update because remember I told you I have this syndrome of finding reasons not to study when exam's around the corner, apparently 'blogging' belongs to one of the 'good' reasons.

Today I thought I have a surgical audit at 7.45am, it was cancelled. Then I thought I have a tutorial at 9am, it was cancelled too. Annnnddd then I thought I have clinics at Temple Street at 2pm, yeah you got it dude, it was delightfully cancelled as well. I wonder why is everybody cancelling stuff with me today, they're all avoiding meee, they hate me so much. boohoo :(

Before the supposedly scheduled clinic, I didn't know where to have lunch. So I walked alone to Bennys, the halal fast food restaurant on the way to Temple Street. And yes, nothing is healthy on the menu apart from a teensy-weensy dash of stale salad on every fat-loaded burgers.

When I was just about to pay for my fatty lunch, I remembered that just a few days back I was very keen to put myself on a healthy diet, with respect to exams. I bought nutritious cereal, lotsa cherry tomatoes for my 5-a-day (pirahhh), and assorted raisins and nuts for snacking (brain food la kunun).

Walnuts always fascinate me, they look like little bwains. I think that's why people call it brain food hahah. 

And here I am buying a tray loaded with atherosclerotic fries and a bulky chicken burger full of MSG. I feel like I'm betraying myself :( So I decided to tone down the guilt by ordering "Diet Coke". Then guess what the cashier said, "Diet coke? So much for a diet, eh miss?," with a teasing grin, and eyes motioning to my unhealthy meal. I almost replied, "Shut up don't make me feel guilty all over again." But instead I smiled back politely. Yes, I am very polite you know.

safely stored in my gastrointestinal system.

And then on the way back from the cancelled clinic, I met James, my teammate. I told him I had lunch at Bennys, and he jokingly said "You're a very unhealthy person, Ika. You should compensate that fatty meal by going back to the Mater and take lotsa patients' history."

Me: "Nah, I'm going home to sleep."

Goshh. Can't anyone just leave a little lady alone with her happy tummy.