Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello.

Today is Tuesday, and Tuesday is Temple Street Day! Hehh. Exclamation mark to show how enthusiastic I am. Well for the past two weeks my tuesdays were spent over in the Temple Street Children's Hospital. Because the plastic surgeons in my team covered all paedriatic cases as well. So off we went to temple street to poke our nosy heads into the surgical list for today. 

I noticed my head is always elsewhere recently, probably lost in some daydreamers' land. But yeah, in the theatre today, as my team's surgeons were busy working their way to a syndactyly case, I was dwindling away, thinking of too many trivial stuffs. It's my way of distracting my mind from paying too much attention on my throbbing knees, from dreadful looong hours of standing.

And then came the anaesthetist, who were the only one bothering to talk to us medical students. He was explaining all sorts of tubes used etc, while I'm trying hard to concentrate on the surgery and my daydreaming skills. Because I'm too unmotivated to engage in any human conversations, I stood there in silence and let my teammates answer all his questions, and eagerly asking things they're unsure of. My disinterest was dragged further by the fact that he was wearing a mask, standing 4 feet away from me I can barely hear what he said.

I was mending my distorted mind when he suddenly pointed out, "You here, you've been very quiet. Tell me what do you do when a patient has a tension pneumothorax and you have no chest drain within reach."

Terkejut mak nokss. It felt as if someone just woke me up from a dream, and I was caught off guard. In my head, I went 'why-meee-I-didn't-interrupt-your-explanations-I'm-innocenttt'. sobs. 

And then I replied out of the blue, "Stick something sharp into his chest." Answered complete with a hand motion of trying to stab someone.

They all burst out laughing. What. is. so. funny.

Probably because they noticed my head is all over the place. Nasib baik jawapan betul although still very bimbo-ish =.='

Jiwa tak tenang memang selalu angan-angan, a form of running away from harsh reality. huhu


Faiqah Halim said...

OKey teringat team medical dragon punya manga part stab tu...hahaa

zulaikha zainol said...

kalau real life aku pun x berani nak cocok, dah terpengsan duluu hahaha