Thursday, June 07, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello.

One fine day, I was talking to a friend about Boyce Avenue, the growing Youtube band and their upcoming tour to Dublin. Ever since that, he's been telling everyone that 'Ika loves boyband" no matter how many times I tried clarifying that Boyce Avenue is NOT the typical boyband.

While waiting in the theatre, he went out to get a coffee in the staff room. And he came back with a huge smile, handing me a piece of paper and said, "Ika this is for you."

A newspaper cut featuring Justin Bieber.

Me: "You ripped up the staff room's newspaper just to give me this? How sweeeet James."
Though wearing a surgical mask, I can see his eyes glowing with victory.

I felt like screaminggg DUDEEEEE I'M NOT A FAN OF BOYBAND to his face, but unfortunately we're in the OT.

I shall spend my entire life clearing my name from this embarrassing accusation.

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