Friday, May 11, 2012

Talk loudly, walk fast, and look smart.

Assalamualaikum and hello.

I normally had one random thought I'd like to blabber on based on my daily encounters but because I'm the biggest laziest procrastinator alive, they were all blogged only mentally. So here it goes, a mixture of a lilbit of everything.

Hmm. Yesterday I came home hungry like always, so I went to the kitchen to gobble up a hugee plate of rice with chicken curry. Two hours later I'm hungry again, so off I went for yet another food hunt, this time, egg banjo with lotsa mayonnaise and chilli sauce. And then two hours later I ate another massive plate of rice. WTH. I'm like a growing baby, needing feed every few hours.

Then the universe speaks.
Yahoo: Find out why you're overeating.

That's like saying, Ika, why are you stuffing your face like a giant elephant?
Almost dropped my egg banjo, but too bad, there's none left. hahah

Aaaanyways, today I joined the tutorial given by our Consultant Cardiologist. His most famous quote of the day, he asked everyone in the room, "How many points do you need?" At first I spaced out, and then I realized he was asking what's the requirement needed for med school, some answered. And then he said, nahhh, you don't need those, you don't even need brains and you don't have to be intelligent. You need 3 things:

"Talk LOUDLY, walk FAST, and look SMART."

Gosh. Never thought it was that simple. That sounded like my little sister in her school uniform when she heard my parents are back from work with her favourite chocolates. "YAY MAMA DAH BALIK NAK COKLET", a perfect example: talking loudly, walking fast to the front porch, and looking smart still in her school uniform.

But yeah, if doctors were to compete in the Olympics, they can beat Usain Bolt before he even started sprinting. If I took one look away from my team's doctors, a second later they're all gone, goneee like the wind. Or maybe they apparated, like in Harry Potter, leaving me behind clueless to their whereabouts.

That's why I love St Michaels Hospital. It's a small hospital, so if I lose anyone from my team, go up one floor and there they are, sometimes it feels like a little kid who lost her mommy in a supermarket and then found her mommy just in the next aisle. Wahh. jejak kasih gitu. LOL

Ok tu ja. merepek apa ntah. byeee


izyan.ariff said...

haha. i LOLed at the apparating part.
*gosh. goes to show betapa rekaan nye perkataan apparate ni. there's actually a red line now indicating it's misspelled. =_='

zulaikha zainol said...

i thought it's actually a dictionary-approved word. bila ada red line ingatkan salah eje hahaha bunyi mcm wujud je, padahal salah harry potter kottt loll