Monday, May 07, 2012

Too little too late?

How can we save a bowl of rice if it has turned into porridge?
How can we recapture pictures if we accidentally deleted the folders?
How can we have a roasted potato if it's mashed from over-heating?
How can we save a favourite mug if it has broken into pieces?
How can we have white again if we've already mixed it with black?

Is it too late to have things back to normal again when changes took over? That it's almost impossible to get back to normality?

Easy. Cook another bowl of rice. Roast a fresh new potato. Buy a new mug and be careful not to smash it again. Take a bunch of new pictures and recreate the memories. Mix lotsa white paint so the black fades away.

Easy ain't it. Just start over. Everything is never too late, if we look ahead.  

Anyways, probably if things get too overwhelming for me, I might drive over to the cliff again and consider bungee jumping while screaming like a mad woman. 
Second visit to the famous cliff, April 2012.

p/s: I'm seriously thinking of having a house on some random cliff overlooking the horizon. Future husband, take note please. hikhik