Monday, April 02, 2012

First of many.

Assalamualaikum and hello.

I'm officially a 'baby res'. The freshest in the hierarchy of the medical profession. Haha. Started my Medicine rotation today, the first of many more rotations. Twas fun, despite having to stand for 3 straight hours, simply observing consultant handling patients. I was partnered up with James, the two of us were sent off to the Rheumatology unit. Bones, painful joints, swollen wrist and all that jazz.

Others were attached to more challenging units, with registrars and SHO asking daunting questions to them. Mine was smooth, no questions asked, merely standing and watching Prof V as he examined his patients. He was nice and easy-going, always making sure we're not left out on what he's doing. And when he showed all those blood tests and x-rays, I kept playing quizzes in my head, 'this one must be osteo, that one's probably psoriatic, this is definitely rheumatoid' blablabla, only to find amusement whenever I am right or wrong.

 I haven't a clue as to what we'll be doing tomorrow, so it was fun having James as a partner, coz he was as clueless as I am. It was a whole new environment, me and James kept getting lost for directions, and I keep on reminding myself that I am in a REAL hospital. And what's even more scary, everyone's on their own now. No one to hold your hands and walk you through every littlest thing.

I always thought I wasn't ready for this change, but in the end, ready or not, here comes reality. Thinking about it, I need to reset my whole intention, or I won't be getting anything out of this rotation. Just today I met 13 patients, all with different kinds of symptoms challenging their daily routine. All very keen to seek medical help from a doctor. Some even came in confiding to my professor about their financial burdens. It's amazing how people put enormous trust on us when they're so vulnerable, and because of that, I have a lot  to learn.

And to say the least, finally occupying myself with clinical bits and pieces helps to take my mind off things, most were not very delightful lately. May this be a heart-lifting journey, one that would better myself. Bismillah.

Alhamdulillah to the first of many :)

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