Saturday, March 24, 2012

Starting soon.

Assalamualaikum, and hello pwetty people.

I decided on posting a little something to boost my own morale, you know, as people often say, "Writing is a struggle against silence." :)

I know some people dropped by often and I reallyyy appreciate the time you spent to check up on me, especially when you guys leave heart-warming comments that left me smiling wide. Ehemm, particularly those pretty people who choose to ditch me for Penang :p I now plead guilty for not replying all your comments, but please know that I read them often. It's just that being me, I'm always too lazy to log in and stuff. But nonetheless, THANKS for dropping by, you-know-who-you-are :)

My last 'sane' post was about them leaving for PMC. So there's obviously no updates on my recent on-goings since they left. We're pretty much occupied with our last preclinical exams, before we start hospitals the week after. Midterms start this Monday, all the way till Friday :-/ And I swear this is the scariest ever, because we have absolutely no clue as to what exactly to revise, what with the missing lecture notes and abundant physical procedures yet to be memorized. I am undoubtedly screwed :-/

So to those who's reading, please send us a doa wherever you are :) Because I once heard a snippet saying, "doa seorang sahabat kepada seorang sahabatnya secara ghaib; tanpa pengetahuan sahabatnya, adalah mustajab, diaminkan malaikat." :) Jadi tolong doa-doa okay, Ya Allah berilah ilham kepada Ika dan kawan-kawan 3rd year UCD dalam OSCE exam minggu depan, don't let them stammer in between examining patients and please bless their efforts aminnnnnn. hehe

Oh last week we watched the Malaysia-vs-Ireland Hockey Match (for the Olympic qualifier), and all I can say is, friends keep my head together.
That flag costs us 3euro! Anything for the sake of supporting Malaysia tanah airkuu :)

Look at both my makcik! I think nayd shouted the loudest that day :p
I need more happy times like this :(

Good times don't last forever because now it's time to get serious and burn holes through all this clinical books. Sempat lagi, Ika. Please don't let your loved ones down. Ameenn.

Clinical year is starting soon. Time really flies, aite? First-year frenzies felt just like yesterday :')


yan geds said...

hoi hoi :)

jumpa ptg ni naa~

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