Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello.
I'm gonna make this short, seeing that I've been blogging too much, doesn't sound parallel to my current responsibility.

Ok today's the second day of rotation. There probably won't be a third-day or a fourth-day updates yadayada, I need to stop sending people off to boredom with daily updates on my rotation. Other senior students and friends might stumble upon this blog and say blerghhhh, why make such a fuss. It's just what everyone else does too.

Fine. I'd just like to mention today's unexpected moment. As y'all know I'm in the rheumatology unit, so I was preparing myself reading up joints and stuff related. But, there's a slight twist today, we were to follow the SHO of the team, and she brought us up to meet two patients. I was asked to perform a respiratory exam on the first patient, there and then, impromptu. And guess what, on inspection, I didn't know what that thing attached to the patient's nose was, dayumm. Funny when the SHO asked what amount of oxygen is the patient on, and I looked at the wrong meter. I swear she must be FACEPALMING A LOT in her head.

I feel so siput today. How can you save lives when you did silly embarassing mistakes.

But then again, that's how we learn. I'm thankful for today's impromptu test. Means we need to be ready with all sets of knowledge in mind. The SHO told us to read up tonight. She'll have us questioned tomorrow.

So here we go again. I almost dozed off reading when I found this cute little sentence.
Copyright: clinical examination, talley-o'connor.

'Medical students will soon learn to keep the right middle fingernail short'.

How adorable. They even have guidelines on which fingernail to clip. 


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