Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of my recent self.

Hello peeps. *sweeps off spider webs all over the screen* Sorry I haven't really been in the mood to blog, hence the annoying intermittent hiatus. Well, well, well. Let's see what I have to offer right now.
Ehem. I am now well into my 5th week of lectures, workshops and hospital seminars. Nothing fancy, just the normal lectures and adapting to the progressively busier timetable. Feeling more doctor-ish with each weekly visits to the hospital. Alhamdulillah.

And last Saturday I co-hosted our annual Malaysian Night. Heh, I know, you must think they're insane for putting the role on me. I had no experience emceeing at all, well, apart from my kindergarten concert I emceed with little Derrick in 1996, I am literally a noob in public speeches. Even Mama laughed at the thought of me on stage hahah. I accepted the offer because I thought of doing something different this year, also considering that this is my last Malaysian Night with most of my friends. All in all, thank you for the chance, I enjoyed myself throughout the event, apart from a few embarrassing and stammering moments, it was all worth it. Kak Noli was there with Padraig too, making me feel like home :)

 Mr. and Mrs Hegarty, my VIP of the night :)

The third-years :) 

Our Dean of Meds on stage for the lucky draw. Oh yeah I laughed a lot to cover up my stage fright. Turned out goofy and embarrassing at times =.=

And then Ain's birthday was on February 14th. So we went out for a little dinner, hopefully that will make up for our one-hour-late wish :p Tahun depan dah x special sbb aku xde. hahah

Meet my usual partners-in-crime, with an addition of Syamir the Egypt boy and Luqman the Second from le Francais. hahah

And there you have it. My week. Now back to work. Tomorrow's Friday, and this week I need a weekend more than I ever do. tsk

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