Monday, January 30, 2012


So my clinical workshop due this afternoon is cancelled for reasons I'm unaware of. I was thinking of staying back after classes at 12pm, since we have a gap till the workshop starts at 2pm. BUT, thanks to my awesome choice of shoes, my feet caught blisters at 4 different spots, which definitely calls for a rush back home to change to a friendlier pair of shoes.Gosh. Epic fail. I searched the city centre yesterday for hours just to get myself a decent pair of new shoes since the one I was wearing soaked badly through the rain. Turns out I'm still bad at protecting my own feet. God knows how painful every step is, what with the cold rain. How dare you, new pair of shoes disobeying your owner. Tsk

The problem with my feet is, they're always under constant misunderstanding with the winter season. I refused to wear socks, because they made my feet sweaty and itchy. But if I didn't wear any socks, my feet are prone to blisters and cold to the bones. Gedik much? Yes very gedik indeed. Hence my hours of hopeless search for shoes yesterday. Dah jumpa yg cantik, kulit babs pulak. All the leathers in the world and my favourite pair will always turn out to be from piggies. Sigh.

I shall stop myself from pointlessly scribbling. So much for the love of shoes. Urgh. Actually I wanna put up this video circulating on facebook. Video Ust Harun Din, blessed with the chance of meeting our beloved Prophet S.A.W in his dream, indeed an enlightening one. The part where he was the one who helped the Prophet to wear his shoes, a pair of shoes Nabi Muhammad jahit sendiri.
Ok I have no idea how I came from complaining about blisters to this touching video. But do watch it. At least it reminded of how much we missed the Prophet, and how much we've forgotten to miss him.

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