Thursday, January 19, 2012

Minggu sekolah.

Hello hello.

I left this place untouched for weeks already. Hugely due to the fact that the semester's already starting and it's been a hell of a week trying to cope with the confusing schedule. Well actually they made it all very simple by composing a whole new timetable for everyone in our class, but apparently, it's hard to scrutinize your eyes through everyday's lecture and to take note of your individual workshops and seminars. I guess getting used to it takes time. InshaAllah.

So, let's see, what did I have this week. Mostly lectures, on dress codes, on history taking, and all that jazz. Then I went through the awesome clinical workshop, learning how to take BP and locate the heart sounds, in which by now, the RCSI and trinity lads can easily do it with one eye closed, or maybe both. It gets very exciting as I officially used my stethoscope to a justified purpose, not to play doctor2 any more. Just this afternoon we were supposed to be at Our Lady's Hospice by 2pm, we arrived almost 30 minutes late, and my tummy's been singing soprano straight through the 3-hour seminar. Lapaq okayyy, we were only allowed a 10-minute break, going out the lecture theatre only to find trays of sandwiches prepared for the medical staff having a conference (I think). Kedekut x bagi med student, diskriminasi. I drooled over them sandwiches. Tsk

The first week of school will end tomorrow, with an early start. It's just the beginning, and I know it's too early to be complaining of anything, in fact I shouldn't be complaining at all. Although at the end of the day I always long for nothing more than to throw myself on my comfy bed, I daresay I enjoyed running around catching up with our progressively hectic timetable. At least something keeps me going, since most of my dear friends will be leaving soon :(

Ok. I'm off to dreamland now.
I wanna be stwongg in my dweamss coz in the real life I'm tired of acting strong to everything thrown at ma face anonymously.

Nitey nite lovely peeps!

p/s: It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one- George Washington. Don't assume, ever.

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