Sunday, January 22, 2012

The old new.

Hello. Surprise, surprise, blogger pun dh ada template baru. Confusing, need time to know how it works, much the same as the facebook timeline.

Now I realized how things around me are constantly changing and I have to adapt, whether I like it or not. Too boring for another sad post describing how everyone's leaving me, no? Diam la makcik. Okeydokey I promised I won't mention anything about half of my friends heading back home for good until they actually leave. *zipping mouth shut* Zip!

Nahh. I think I'll keep on reminiscing and mentioning it until you guys puke of boredom. Ahah

I was tidying my notes and I needed a file, so I ransacked through my first year's boxes and found one. My old green file. Old thing, new purpose. There're still my first-year notes in it, and I found a very nostalgic note on renal biology. A note I made for my study group back then, for those sleepyhead and food monsters I call, friend. They're my little family.

Aww look at that cute lil kidney bean

Now everything gets hard. No easy peasy kidney bean drawing on notes. Tsk

Ok bye. Have a great Monday start, say no to Monday blues!


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Mie Helal said...

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