Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 plus one

No that's not the title of a movie. Despite the Westerners' claims that we'll all be doomed by 2012, I shall see 2012 as a whole new year full of surprises and chances given by God to live yet another year, as I always do in between the borders of December and January.

As mentioned previously, winter 2011 has been a slow and relaxing one. Mostly spending time with friends, books, long skyping time with family and filling the days with numerous trips to dreamland. Though I initially thought not travelling will help me save for my next summer trip, I was wrong. Money flows out unstoppably, well, mostly because I bought a brand new camera and our deep affection for lunch and dinner in the city centre too. Hello future coronary heart disease =.= We also received a handful of friends from Germany, US and UK, cehh bagi sound international skettt. Tetamu bawak berkat kann ;) so there're quite a few get-together involving food, which includes sushi-making. Nyums. hehe

Some snippets of last few week's 'time-wasting' activities;

Sushi yang gemuk2 due to my generous amount of fillings =.= Other people's sushis looked perfect ;(

Oh, say hi to my new camera! Lumix LX5. Thank you Mr. reviewer :)

Also went to Nady's just to hang out before her holidays end. Missing dubliners: Atiqah and Ila :)

Ok pointless muqadimah. (Muqadimah??? wadehey macam buat essay)

Since I missed out on making resolutions during the recent Awal Muharram, perhaps it'd be good to think about it now. I flipped through my old posts and I found out that I've been writing posts on the 31st of December every year, very much like an annual resolution. Haha nerds. 2010's was funny, I wrote down what I've learned through the year. Here. Sadly I don't think it sticks on my mind, I kept making the same mistakes over and over again. But then again, that's how you learn, through mistakes, aite.

If I were to describe 2011, it's been a great year in and out. Allah always makes everything great for you in the end, it's only a matter of time. Of course there're the casual ups and downs, but I make it to 2012 unhurt, so yayy me! Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah for one whole year of life.

I'm adding a silly twist to end this year, a list of songs that reminds me of 2011 ;) (Just random songs I remembered right now ok !)

1) Ramli Sarip's Bukan Kerna Nama
2) Boyce Avenue's Fix You
3) Christina Perri's Arms
4) Exist's Masih Terserlah Ayu Wajahmu
5) Bennami's Ama Zilna
6) Joe Brooks's Holes Inside
7) Fleetwood Mac's Songbird
8) Yokesh's Sakkarai Nilave
9) Demi Lovato's Skyscraper
10) Kina Grannis's Stay Just A Little

Pardon my weird choices of melodies. I know I have a peculiar taste when it comes to music, no favourite singers or bands, just the songs and lyrics. I used to relate the songs I heard to one event, so all ten songs above will definitely bring me back to 2011 whenever I listen to them. :)

To end 31st December, here's a super cuteeeeee new year's eve song from the lovely Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt :) I wish they were a couple they're sooo cute in 500 days of summer :D

cute kan? He was looking at her all the time :)

Anyways, may 2012 adds similar or probably more happiness to our already blessed life. I shall bid a happy goodbye to 2011, and all the fun times and loves it offered me.

To 2012, Assalamualaikum :)