Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Hello Wednesday.
I am exhausted. I have never felt so drained out of courage as much as I am now. No, not energy, it's more like the loss of urge to put effort. Perhaps because this semester was tough? Or maybe it's just me? I don't know. The burden had turn exceedingly huge over time. Well, studying smarter is the only way to beat this time constraint, as I'm now left with merely 3 short days. But smarter, I am not.

Yesterday Patrick (my pet goldfish) was acting weird, it kept swimming like a drunk chap and been lying down on the bottom of the tank most of the times. I panicked so I kept Patrick away from Spongebob for a while. And apparently, today it was swimming normally so I reunite them back together. I hope it's nothing serious. Ceh mcm jaga anak plak =.=' No, it's just that they've been there for two months or so and I've been waking up every morning with the first impulse of feeding them, x gosok gigi lg trus bg makan ok, more like a routine. It'd felt weird if I lose them. Precious little goldfishiess please don't go :(

see, yesterday tebaring2, today (right) okay dah.

I think Patrick was depressed watching me all zombied up for the exams. Haha. And by zombie, I mean not studying till late at night, it's zombied up as in byk tido muka mcm zombie.

So, though it is impossible to finish reading ALL (no, bukan acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, ALL as in capital all) lecture notes thoroughly at this point (for me), I shouldn't be giving up (duh~). At least if I push myself to the limits, I know I wouldn't blame myself if the results didn't turn out well. If I gave up now and my result sucks, it means the blame's on me. Allah pandang usaha. Sapa suruh pemalas.

Adoi 17th please come fast. bye

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