Sunday, December 18, 2011

And so it begins..

The most anticipated time of the year, holidays! Err, ok not really. The only time I eagerly anticipated holidays was during the peak of exams, probably stress-related anticipation. Now that it has finally started, I hate how time seems to fly so friggin slow. Manusia manusia, xdak masa complain, byk masa pun complain. haha

My exams officially ended yesterday, which means no classes and lecture notes up till 15th January. A sudden change I must say, from a hectic timetable of 24hours revising and ridiculous sleeping cycle, to nothing.

I haven't planned much for this winter, unlike my hot sexy Barcelona and Morocco trip last year. I'm thinking of catching up on my long-lost hobby, reading. Abah used to force me to read all Enid Blyton's books when I was in primary school, even bought me a super thick book compiling all Blyton's writings once, which I read unwillingly. Looking back, I'm always grateful for all the forcing and pushing from Abah n mama, if it's not for them I won't have any interest at all in books. Man, squeezing your eyes through boring black-and-white alphabets while sitting stationary on a couch is no fun for kids my age. But awesome parents did what awesome parents ought to do, hence, my deep interest in reading- once upon a time. They must be a wee bit disappointed if I let that interest stops at this age.

I need to finish up my current collections of charity-shop books, bought them because they're cheap but haven't touched them since =.= And also need to start on a few books that can, you know, help me top up that little microscopic dot of iman, since next semester will involve more challenge working with the locals, and I always fail when it comes to answering questions about my hijab and why women can't marry four guys too. I know, what a shame. =.=

Till then. happy hols :)

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