Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The slow winter.

I'm not a big fan of Monroe but her words hit jackpot sometimes.
Anyways, hello :)

This winter had been one of the slowest there is. No snow, no nothing. Well actually it did snow for a split second on our last day of exams, but it melted by midday. Nothing to look forward too. Hence the title. Everyday has been pretty much the same, because we basically ran out of things to do, and it's just the first week of winter break. Went to the city centre twice, spent handsome amount of money on lunch and dinner, cooking, tidying, movie-marathon, reading. What else?

Our only white morning for this year's winter. Urghh Dublin is so menstrual. Last year it snowed so heavily that exams were cancelled. This year, it gives us just a glimpse of white frosty road.

If you went on googlemaps' street view, you'll see our neighbour's red car. I think it's on display or something coz it's always there. Always.

So today my makcik Ain decided to be an awesome future housewife by trying to make creampuffs. And it turned out exactly like the ones you bought from the bakery. Bravo. Sape nak buat calon menantu,sila2. Yan cooked the sambal for nasi lemak so we had a pretty full-set dinner-cum-lunch today.

So that's about it. I am trying hard to prevent myself from writing pathetic stuffs to show that I'm sad + under-the-weather boohoohoo. To make room for more positive vibes! Yay me! HAHAHAHA gile.