Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 plus one.

Heyho. 2010 plus one is 2011. Definitely will date my papers with 2010 for a few months instead of 2011. That's what I did when a new year barges in. Silap tulis tahun kat tarikh. Ok whatever tak penting. Anyways, like I always did when a whole year is leaving me, I write weird stuff. Like what happened, what I wanted to happen but don't happen, resolutions and stuff. Like what I did on 2009. 2010 was special, annoying, fun, awesome, every word you can throw into a rojak. A hell of a ride. So much things happen in so little time. And I'm one year closer towards death itself.

Anyways, this post might be the longest. You might wanna grab a pillow just in case you fell asleep while reading.haha. So here's some random pictures throughout the year, I repeat, RANDOM. Susun pun ikut sedap hati perot sahaje. Caption pun sungguh malas sekali. So tak perlu lepas ni nangis buat banjir kilat bawah bantal sebab ika tak letak gambar dengan saya sobs sobs. Babab kang. Random ok people. How can I possibly put everybody's pictures here. Confirm tak cukup space. Too many memories with too many beautiful handsome people :')

family first. cewah cewah. summer 2010.

the awang clan :)

A few things I've picked up throughout the year;

Don't talk when you're angry.
Oh well God had been trying to teach me this millions of times before. Whenever I talk when I'm not in the right state of mind, the outcome won't be very comforting. Sometimes I just wished that somebody would poke me in the head whenever I'm about to blurt something out when I'm angry and yell, "Ika, stop talking coz you're angry right now, silly."

In whatever thing you do, do it sincerely.
Sometimes you felt tired of doing the same thing for a certain someone but as someone recently taught me, do it sincerely. Because why waste all your energy doing something you don't like and in the end not getting any reward in return, worse, no pahala in return. Instead, you can do it wholeheartedly and sincerely no matter how much you loathed doing it and no matter how tired you feel in the end.

Never trust anybody with any secrets.
Well, being the chirpy bird that I am, no one should evahh trust me with any secrets too. And I learned throughout my pre-adult life that nobody can be trusted. You can tell people about your problems and so forth but keep in mind that everybody's human, and humans talk. From now on I've learned a lot not to tell everything to anyone as everything you've spat out will come back to you, changed, or exaggerated. Even if you love sharing your secrets with others, at least save some for yourself and only yourself knows about it. For instance, "I farted the loudest when I'm alone." At least keep one secret only to yourself kan? haha

When people say no, take it as a no.
I can be a bit pushy at times. And whenever I did that, I'll end up feeling embarassed. Also tired of having to ask millions of times and the answer's still no. So what I finally learned is if it's a no, and if your requests are turned down again and again, just back off and take it as a no, and sedar diri sikit. Finally sy sedar diri skit.

If people say anything about you, ignore them because they don't know you.
Funny how people can say nasty things behind your back, and act so very sweetly in front of you. I pity those who were treated like this. And what I learned is whenever you hear people talking about you, setting you up with anybody, pity them. They have nothing better to talk about. Maybe they should talk about the tube workers' strike in London, or the accident that killed almost the whole bus in Cameron Highlands, or anything life-changing.

Don't talk nasty things about people. "Don't" with a capital D.
I talk about people a lot. Say, if we make a ratio of me talking about 'people' to 'new life-improving ideas', it would probably be 1000:1, on a daily basis. That's how narrow-minded I am. Talking about oh her dress is cute, oh that person says this and this, oh he likes her she likes him yadayadayada. I don't know, sometimes it's just because you feel relieved when you talk about others. I've learned not to talk negative things about people, coz it may happen to you one day. Yeknow, people talking about you behind your sexy back. Because people often misjudge what I said. But of course life's not fun without a lilbit of spices and drama. So maybe I'll keep talking about you, you, and you, just minus the negative talking. Only good things, like cute actors and excellent results. heee :p

Love your friends.
You'll never miss them until they're gone. Sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate people around us because we see them everyday. I learned that in the hardest of times, those you never expected will pop out of nowhere, to lend a helping hand and listen to your pointless drama over and over again and never gets tired. To you-know-who-you-are, I love you, you and you you you, I always do. Glad that God gave me you to listen to my ridiculous babblings every time I hit rock bottom. Maybe that's why people say friends are blessings from God. Friendship can never ends. If it ends, it means it never actually started and existed in the first place.

Good things come to those who wait.
This is the hardest part of all, for me to absorb. Sometimes, you pray for things to happen faster, without knowing that if it happens now will it be the best choice for you, or not. Like you wanted a super-yummy and gastrologically delightful nasi goreng and you want it now now now now, but whosoever will determine if it's going to turn out yummy like you wanted. Maybe if you waited a few minutes, it will taste exactly like you wanted it to. You just have to wait. No matter how painful the waiting is, it might turn out worthwhile one day. Good things happen to those who wait. I've said this many many times already to myself, relax and enjoy the ride. Maybe this is the time to not just say, but to act it out. Walk the talk.

Actually, after writing all this, I freely claimed myself as cakap lebat. Berapi-api je tulis semua benda tapi tak buat. Kononnya nak bajet yang 2010 dah ajar banyak benda la kan. Padahal ni goreng je. Ntah berubah ntah tidak. Doakan2 okay :)

Gamba ni last sebab macam merah-merah warna plus gelak macam tak ingat dunia ingat akhirat je,
semangat tahun baru :') This was on my birthday last october.

All in all, 2010, an awesome one Alhamdulillah. At least I'm still alive till now. At least there's still a chance for me to repent all bad things I've done this year.
A happy goodbye to you 2010.
In two days time, ahlan wasahlan 2011,

Dear 2011, let's make it better and be kind to me please :)

p/s: I'll be on my way to Spain at that time. So that's why this is an early post to wish all of you a better year ahead inshaAllah. Prolly no post till I get back from the trip. Prayers are all needed ok :)


LiYaNa said...

love u always who u are.thats all the world need. =)

Anonymous said...

blog awak best lah.kikikikikikiki

ghina nisa said...

entertain yourself by watching the world revolves :)

zulaikhazainol said...

liyana; me love you long time :)

raqib; whassup whassup!

ghina; and you'll be my company as I watch the world go round :)