Sunday, October 09, 2011

Random again.

"It's feeling like our time's run out,
but the hourglass just flipped itself over again"
BA :)

Hello to another random post.

What do you do to kick laziness away? Actually, you can't. All you can do is just deal with it. I've been living like a jobless lad, waking up not to the sunrise, but to the bright sunlight of the noon. The noon, man, people are getting ready to have lunch when I'm still rubbing my eyes. I know this kinda post sounds cliche, because I complained about not having enough study time every now and then. Oh grow up.

When you have the ability to read books, and make notes, and cook, but you deliberately choose not to do it, that's what laziness is all about. I deliberately choose not to study but to sleep, not to cook but to eat junkfood. The cooking part has a bit of a contributing factor, my housemates all cooked awesome dishes today with pengat pisang and whatnot, explaining why I'm a tad lazy to cook. Macamana nii. Pemalasnyaaa

Or is it the age factor? You know people say your total number of neurones will deteriorate as you grow older. I think that fact works on me.

Sometimes when people feel lazy, they would normally end up doing absolutely nothing. The thing is, I don't function that way. When I feel lazy, I do something else, as an excuse to not having to study and face books. For instance, cycling up to Dundrum alone for the fifth time in a month to get a refund for a pair of shoes. I know, knock some sense into my big fat irrational head please =.=

Actually, I think I'm still in love with the Causeway :)

Weh apa post pointless ni. haihh. I'll feed you with something not time-wasting later. Now kena figure out macamana nk teruskan hidup serba rajin. bye

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