Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today's lunch, Irish-style with mokcik2 selim,
weather's pretty good which is why we opted for an outdoor lunch tetibe :)


I sprayed some fresh-looking changes to the blog, because I have no idea why did the polka-dottish background suddenly went missing. Canthik tak canthik tak, haaa canthik kan? *gaya eric leong deko bersama eric*

Pergh. Life nowadays, background blog pun penting ke =.='

Today I felt healthier after jogging with mokcik2 selim all the way to deer park, the usual spot. I think I should do that often, because 21 years old and gasping for air after a short walk is not cool, people. Not cool. Reminds me of the times back in kmb, I jogged almost everyday towards the end of the last semester just because it felt good and refreshing, I guess I was fitter back then. Skrg mcm mak nenek, sikit2 penat, tgk blog ni layout pn mcm mak nenek, x fun langsung kann.

Ok enough said on what I did today, not of any significance anyway.

Assumptions. Big time dilemma. To make assumptions to comfort yourself OR to push away assumptions and stress yourself out while thinking of the truth. Anybody ever been stucked in the middle of those two? Cecehh soalan retorik la konon. Barula blogger berwibawa kann.

Ok matang mode please. You know the thing with blogging is, when people read what you write, they assume they understand you and your posts. The thing is, nobody understands anybody completely. If you read a post where a blogger talks about one of his/her classmates having smelly mouth, and you happen to be his/her classmate, I bet 90% of you would suddenly be conscious of the smell of your mouth. Because you assume he/she is talking about YOU. See, assumptions. Ish ish.

I've learned that assumptions make you worry, and worrying is not really a fun thing to do. I prefer watching my goldfishes bloop-blooping rather than worrying. So jommm, let's lead a positive life. Eh tapi jgn la positive sgt, what if a friend comes to your room with a knife and wants to kill you, and you went positive and think he/she might need your help in the kitchen. Haha contoh x realistik sorryy. =.=' I'm just saying, let's say no to assumptions :) Husnuzzon (bersangka baik) sudehh.

"Assumptions are the termites of relationships."- Henry Winkler, an American actor.

p/s: Hoping the blog change resembles the change I'm trying to make. Woots :)

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