Saturday, October 08, 2011

Happy Happiness.

21st birthday ended amazingly with another surprise birthday celebration for Yan and the ex-birthday girl. hihik. And the sweet awesome people bought more presents for meee! yayy. The reason I slept with a wide smile :)

Prezziesss. lupa nk amek gambar pyjamas Atiqah sbb terus pakai hehe :p

Anddd to add to the awesomeness of the week, last Friday, someone thoughtful asked if I wanna join a roadtrip to Belfast, of course I said yes :) So I tagged along Mozek, Dea and Dea's pretty sister Ica, all the way to the breathtakingly beautiful Giant's Causeway, shopping spree at Junction One, and we ended our trip with jaipur for dinner :)

For those who've never been to Giant's causeway before (like me), it's an extremelyyyy beautiful wonder of the world. The rocks making up the cliffs are hexagonal in shape, which makes it even more unique. Legend has it that an Irish warrior wanted to build a bridge to Scotland. I don't give much attention to that as the spot itself is soooo beautiful, you can stand on the cliff and it overlooks the horizon :')

Oh I actually don't know if jaipur's an indian or arabian dish but whatevs, it was superb as always. A mix of lamb and chicken kebab with fries and a feel of finger-lickin good. We bought almost 16 packs of jaipur for friends back in Dubs, wajibla pegi Belfast bwk balik jaipur. Souvenir2 ni xpayahh bazir duit je. hahaha

Angin kuat gila xyah cakap. I fell over like a rotten nangka as the wind almost literally blew us away as we walked along the cliff to get to the carpark. Dea n Ica nyorok blakang mozek, Ali xpe ada spare tyre and mind you, it was crazy as we braced through the wind PLUS rain. Basah kuyup all over. I think Dea caught a cold because of that. But it was ALL WORTH IT!

Thank you birthday boy Mozek (birthday falls on the very next day of the trip!), Dea, Ica, and Ali for letting me tag along. Menyibuks saje kannn. A short trip but definitely one I would remember :)

I am the happiest human being alive this week. heee

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