Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Yeahh mannn I've always wanted to write this since last year but last year it was the 20th. So here goes; FOREVER 21 YAWWW!

uhuk. gila la dah 21 tak matang lagi. Ok read till the end please, trust me I'm growing up :) This shall be a very serious post, I swear.

Ok I didn't plan to write anything long and touchy-feely but I know people will expect something up in here *eh pirahh perasan*. Sooo last night I went to bed early, and my fishes and I were awaken by the sound of yan's voice, asking me to come down. Penat gosok mata sbb tekejut tetiba cerah, grabbing my tudung and hoodies I went down to a sweet happy birthday song. Ain, Pika, Mif, Yan, Mozek, Dea, Ali and Hakim. They stayed up faithfully waiting for the clock to strike 12. Nisha also sent a cute birthday card, Nady n Izzi gave a call. Thank you uolss, If you have friends willing to travel far at midnight and to restrain from sleeping because of you, slap your face if you're still not thankful. I know I am. Alhamdulillah :')

mainly they're the reason I smiled in Dublin :)

And Pizu baked a really awesome cake I tell youuu! He was always full of surprises, last year I received a huge slice of yummy raspberry (ke blueberry?) cheesecake from him. Thank you pizu, elmo is now my favourite cartoon! Sweet. hehee. I actually had TWO birthday cakes. Korg ade? ade ke? xde kan? selalu satu je kan? Okok enough childish crap. Another friend brought another cake decorated with Tatty Teddy! It is so cute that akem touched the bear almost a hundred time =.='

I have two awesome cakes. You may cry of jealousy now. And I shall continue eating these awesome cakes. bye

Mama and abah called late at night, but already on the 5th Oct malaysian time to wish. Ayit, Ira and Adik wished too. This has been my 3rd consecutive year celebrating without them, miss them still :')

And everybody else just makes turning 21 sweeter. Thank you :)

Anyways, before posting this I was thinking about what a birthday post would sound like, about my thanks to everyone and detailed story of the celebration, or about my new resolutions of turning 21, or about my regrets for the past 1 year, yada yada yada. Then I thought. Screw the ideas. It's just a day which happens to have the same number of days and the same month with my birth date. My birthday is still 5th of October, 1990. Allah has been steadily adding bright wonderful years to my age, so thank you Allah for that blessing :)

The biggest thanks goes to my first ever birthday celebrator (?), Mama and Abah. Love you to the moon and heaven :)

Don't look for things or people that aren't there, just always be thankful of what you have. Because the more you look for things that are not with you, the more you find that there's something wrong with what you have.

I am now officially 21. Yes, Dr. (-to-be) Zulaikha, welcome to adulthood.

My first 21-year-old target: Pointer higher than any of the previous semester inshaAllah. Kiasu much? Doa please. ameen :)

Yours truly, Zulaikha Zainol, aged 21 years old :)

Oh man. 21 sounds so cliche.