Friday, October 14, 2011


Yes play the Rebecca Black song as you read this =.='

But also remember Friday is the sayyidul ayyam, penghulu segala hari. woots

Woke up. Morning jog to Deer Park. Baked (tasteless) choc muffins for Dea and Ica who'll be going back soon. Walked to their house. Bought chicken legs at the mosque. Went home. Bathed. Phone calls to 3 because of the nasty NCO letters. Onlined. Wondered why AIB hasn't updated my current balance. And why 3 hasn't deducted any bills yet. Felt old having to settle all this billing stuff. Dressed up. Walked to the library. Covered a topic. Withdrawed cash to buy drinks for usrah. Usrah. Dropped by the Msoc annual grand meeting. Say hi to a few. Walked back with Yan and Pika. Met an Arabic mom lost for direction. Felt awful for not being able to help. Arrived home. Sitting in front of the laptop. Writing a pointless post.

Funny how my day can be summarized in just a short paragraph. Time is flying by so fast like a bullet train I can barely catch up with everything around me.

Anyways, have a great awesome weekend :)