Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm back, beaches!

Haha mencarut versi sopan =.='
Okok cursing is not allowed here. Withdrawn. Anggapla I really meant 'beaches' as in pantai-pantai.

Actually I'm back means I'm back in Dublin babyyy! Was that suppose to sound excited? Truth is, it's getting less and less fun, y'know, with the whole studying abroad thingy, it only sounds fun when you're in your first year and you're super excited to brag on your university whereabouts to the makciks and pakciks =.=' Ye la kite mane penah nek kapal terbang pegi jejauh mcm awok2 yg kaye raye

Now, being back just means getting back to books and more stress. Oh this term I am welcomed with an extra element, the WIND. First day pergi kelas melayang-layang mcm kertas. I was waiting for the crossing at the traffic light, angin tolak badan gerak2 mcm tiang lampu kt seblah tu =.=' padahal penuh effort kot memacakkan kaki ke bumi. grrr =.=

Whatevs. Life goes on. With new resolutions and the new room makeover, I'm hoping for the best. So far so good. Tapi xtau la semangat nk tahan sampai bila. Nak doa bg istiqamah sajee :)

Today I bought a brand new drawer set. Pasang sendiri beb, time ni rasa nak thank you kat Mr. Chong cikgu Kemahiran Hidup dulu :')

tadaaaa, drawer set and my new mirror *oh what a loser posting up useless pictures like this, haha ma blog, ma right dude*

Alhamdulillah my biceps grew biggah (tipu) after carrying the 9kg-set and the two full-length mirrors from the city centre back home. Melelong2 angkat dua org. Diiringi hujan rahmat and a few Irish offering to lend a hand :') Thanks a mil pikachuu yg setia menemani :)

First day of the semester was awesome. Walked to the campus since my class started early, and an old lady around tokmas's age accompanied me all the way since we're heading towards the same direction. She was so lovely that I remained smiling until I reached the health science building :) A good start I must say ;) Then the first lecture started off with a silly prank =.=' Malas plak nak cite. So embarassing, pranked by my own classmates, belakon jadi lecturer. Cehhh.

All in all, if you think I'm happy by reading this post, that means I'm good at faking emotions. HAHA.

Till then. Tomorrow'll be a long day. Hati be strong please, xnak sedih2 :)

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