Friday, September 16, 2011


is a sign of defeat. I won't sigh no more! Cecehh haha semangat

Ok serious mode. Ever felt like you have everything you wanted but you're still unhappy? Can anybody tell me why in the world does unhappiness exist even when you get every single thing you wanted? Why am I unhappy sometimes even though I basically have everything I longed for? Maybe because I know what I have now won't last. Maybe because I know one day I will lose them. Maybe. Or maybe because humans are born that way, bagi betis nak paha, dapat sikit nak lebih lagi. Maybe?

I despised this feeling, The feeling of never getting enough. The feeling of temporary happiness. Like I wanted a leather jacket, I went out, I bought one, I went home happy. Then that's it. The happiness just flew by, visiting me only temporarily. Why is that so? Maybe I should buy a leather jacket everyday to make sure that happiness stays =.='

I need what I wanted all the time now. Is that a bad thing? You tell me. Sigh.

And this thing about distance, is it true when people say distance is just a number? For all I know, it's not. It's when someone is so close to you, yet you feel like they're a thousand miles away. tsk

p/s: Kan best kalau baca nota pathology of the oral cavity pun boleh buat kita happy mcm baru lepas beli baju baru.