Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Heyy. Just came back from KL last night.

I bought an Aeroline bus ticket to Penang, and the bus trip was funny but awesome. Funny because it was a flight-like bus, so at some point I was thinking of how poyo this bus is, pretending to be an airplane. HAHA. But needless to say, the services and the whole journey were very comfortable. Anyone thinking of commuting KL-Penang should really opt for Aeroline, I'll tell you why you should. Wah dah jd cm promoter la plak =.= The coolest bus ride ever so being the jakun me I had to share this! Takmo bace suda.

There's an in-flight steward, or 'in-bus' for that matter =.= All prim and proper with his vest and whatnot. Kesian gak tgk dia melelong2 bwk coffee atas bus tgh gerak. haha

The steward gave out some really cool announcements, which makes you feel like you're on board an airplane. Example, 'welcome aboard bus ABC1234, I'm forgot-whats-his-name, your cabin crew for today'. Cabin crew siott. And then there's, 'please fasten your seatbelt whenever you're seated'. Seriously very amusing. Haha
Every seat has a plug! A freakin' plug. For those who need to charge their laptop or phone there's electricity available yaww! Cool kan. But I didn't charge my phone so I don't know if the plug actually works or not. Mana la tau tu just perhiasan to show how cool the bus is =.=

All passengers are entitled to a light meal and some drinks. Free mineral water once you're on board. And then we had nasi goreng ayam served by the steward, packed exactly like an in-flight meal. Few hours later you'll be served with tea or coffee, you can even ask for a cup of milo.

The pick-up point for KL is at Corus Hotel, so you don't have to hustle through pudu or duta to get on the bus.

The seat was wider than a standard airline seat. I would say, slightly wider than MAS's economy seat, with a reasonably-sized armrest preventing you from elbowing someone beside you. haha

Every passenger was given a cute lil pink pillow. Sejibik cm MAS. Only they didn't provide a blanket. Amboi lemak la selimut pun nak.

At the start of the jouney you'll be given a headphone, exactly macam yg dlm flight tu. If you've been on MAS before, it was exactly like that. Ada tmpat cucuk headphone at the armrest, but no remote la kan. Over la plak kalau ade remote bagai >.< There're five channels, one for the TV in front. The rest were instrumental. Feeling2 mcm dlm drama plak tgk lua tingkap diiringi lagu melankolik. tsk tsk. I think they should put up some chart-topping songs instead of sad sappy instrumental melodies =.=

The moto for Aeroline is "The Convenient Way To Fly". So you're obviously looking for an in-flight experience on the ground. muahaha. Mostly tourists on the bus. I was on a double-decked bus so tingkat bawah ada mcm ala2 lounge utk melepak. Unfortunately I thought it was for first-class passengers so x g usha la plak kat lounge tu ade ape.

So that's about it. Anyways I was in KL for 3 days, and since I've been wanting to go to the Ampang lookout point, so up we went. Had dinner overlooking the whole KL. Awesome indeed. Watched Malaysia-Taiwan game at home with the family, went to the Game Arcade with lil sis, and enjoyed every minute of it :)

I'll be going to Terengganu tonight, and will be in Melaka after that. So I won't be on the internet much, as if anyone cares anyway. Haha. Do pray for my trip :)


Anonymous said...

this one sounds interesting. where to buy the ticket? and can i know how much is the price? thanks. :)

zulaikhazainol said...

hey :) the tickets are available at corus hotel near klcc, but in penang im not sure where to get them. it's rm60 one-way :)

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faridjawani said...

Penang I think u can get it at Queensbay Mall :) Selalu perasan tp tak pernah tau ade cabin crew bagai lol

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