Sunday, July 17, 2011


People always say
Tragedy struck everyday
Some believe it's Allah's tests
While other face it with stress

What would you do
if the test was put on you
or your loved ones
would you cry silently,
or give support in tonnes?

How would you tell
That you're there for them
When distance and time prevail
And stop you from sharing the pain.

What saddens more
Is not the tragedy
But the fact that
You seemed invisible to them
When you tried hard to be there
every step of the way.

Ya Allah
I know I'm not a good servant to You
But help them in every way you could do
Take away the memories from them, please do,
For in highs and lows,
we turn to no other than You.


Anonymous said...

doakan kami, ukhti.... we really need ur du'a...from afar...

Tqah =) said...


rindu dah akak taska yg sorang ni..menjaga adik2 sg berua yg comel2..^_^

take care ika..jgn sedih2..

ika sedih, atiqah pun sedih juga..:(

zulaikhazainol said...

anonymous; dont know who you are but my prayers are with you inshaAllah :)

tqah; alolo tqah comel :) rindu dah kt tqah. nanti balik penang dtg raye rumah ika okeh! ;)

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