Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drivin' Miss Daisy

Over two years of having a probationary license, I've come to learn that driving doesn't need skills, it needs guts. And that my friend, is what I don't have =.=

I'm thankful that my probationary driving years are spent abroad, which means I don't get to drive that much, hence, lowering the risk of my P license being suspended because of silly driving mistakes. hahah. Anyways, I'll be getting my CDL this July, no more red P stickers needed. tu pon nk bangga? haha so what.

Now being a noob in driving, let me tell you what I hate, according to the viewpoint of a driving noob.

1- Highways. I know highways are the easiest driving medium, you don't have to worry about traffic lights and parkings etc, unless you're speeding too much and encik tiga paku is behind you OR you don't have money for tolls. Duhh. Anyway, I hate highways. Why? Here's why.
Sometimes if you're using a busy route, there'll definitely be a lot of cars in the right lane coz everybody's rushing to work. So when you're on the right lane and trying hard to speed and not to crash into the car in front of you, some smart-ass driver behind you turns impatient and starts kissing your car from behind as if you're the slowest moving vehicle on the planet. Oh come on. Saba boleh x? Banyak keta kot kt depan nk pecut cmna lagi. Grrrr. Oh maybe you need to pee, who knows. Pity you, you impatient show-off.

2-Attitude. See a noob like me don't normally drive like a pro. Sometimes, when you missed a signal, or unaware of the traffic lights, you know you're wrong and you feel bad. So, I don't need someone driving pass me just to give me the lesson. You know, like, susah payah pecut to give me the 'look' to show how wrong I am. Perhaps a polite horn is sufficient enough for that purpose.

Shouting, *Hoi apsal keta kau lagi cantik dr keta aku?!!*

Come on, have some mercy, ok? The next time someone did this to me, I'll shout back, " Ye bang, nak nombor ke?!?" =.=

Gosh, people on the roads can be so harsh sometimes.

So that's what I think of driving, as a noob.

till then. bye

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