Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lesson learned.

Sorry for the late updates. Actually this post was written ages ago but blame my lazy bum-bum, I only had the urge to publish it now. Sorry pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen!

What I did from 6-11 July 2011. Here we go :)

"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahatma Gandhi.

How much truer can that be :')

I once heard that you'll start to love something once they're gone. I guess in some ways, it is true. Maybe it's part of Jalinan Bakti Terengganu (JBT) and Kalsom's withdrawal syndrome, as they say =.= Starting to miss the faces of the orang asli kids and the excitement of sharing experiences at kalsom. tsk

Alhamdulillah. I've just came back from the trip I told you earlier. 5 days in Kuala Berang, then 5 days in Melaka for Projek Kalsom, and sending off Zharrieq to college a day after that. Fuhh. One of the busiest weeks indeed. But one I will remember in many years ahead :)

I daresay this is by far the best summer projects ever, I think I found pleasure in giving back, though not as much as others did. At least the satisfaction is there. Initially, the intention of joining such projects was just meant to be kind of a distraction from a monotonous holiday since I came back. I thought joining them was just intended to fill in the gap I've long had since my summer break started. Turns out they worth more than that. Wayyy more than that. I learned a lot :)

Clockwise from top left; The kids learning to solat | Yek and myself | Teaching them on steps to take wudhu' | the joyful Tepek (I hope I got your name right kiddo) :)

Pictures alone can't describe how fun it is learning from them. Though I can say the kids barely spoke a word to any of us, they actually speak with their eyes and their actions. You know, their shyness, their smiles, so innocent :) And their names are very interesting, we have Apep, Patung, Cilang, and some fancy ones like Zety, Maria, Putri. Trust me, their faces are still familiar to all of us :)

Clockwise from top left; The dental team from a local clinic with Dr. Wahida on the right | Sukaneka with the kids | Colouring contest | Ain handling the glucometer booth | The big-eyed cutest kid named Mala | and the terrifying dental chair :)

We held a Health Kiosk on the third day, and all the young moms, the kids, the elders, most of them made an effort to come and have their health checked. A lady who was younger than me, came with an infant in her carry, and we found out she actually has 4 other kids at home. Mind you, they get married at such a young age. Some don't even proceed beyond high school, what a pity don't you think? It's good knowing that the teachers in charge at the primary school in the
village were very dedicated and committed in educating those kids. Nonetheless, most parents still do not appreciate the value of education, hence most of the kids do not continue their studies after SPM.

I was in charge of the dental clinic with a few others, and it was super challenging trying to persuade the kids to have their teeth checked. Whenever they see a white van, they'd assume they were the doctors or the nurses coming to give them a painful injection =.=' So, as usual, we opted for bribery muahaha, giving sweets and free toothpastes to those who were brave enough to get on the dental chair. Yasir and Nasreen were awesome enough to put the kids under control with the songs and whatnot haha

Oh I can go on forever babbling on the memories I had at Kg Sg Berua. There're so much to tell and so much to share on this two unique tribes :) My prayers will always go to the kids in the village, may they blossom to be a successful young lady or young man, who will change the fate of their people, and a good Muslim in and out. Do a google search and donate whenever you can, though I daresay they don't need material donation that much, all they need the most are education and a piece of love :)

So moving on to my next project, Projek Kalsom 17, which was held a day after JBT ended, which means I rushed to KL right after JBT to catch the bus to kalsom =.= Awesome activities, awesome friends, coolest project evahhh! It's totally different from what I had in Terengganu, because this time around, I work with form 4 students in a farm comprising of 173 acres of fruit heaven, paddy field, a durian orchard, a huge lake, a mini zoo with camels, and ponies and tonnes of awesomeness! It's a big leap from the extra unbearable heat of Kuala Berang to a fully airconditioned hall at Kalsom, but all in all, both were equally meaningful to me :)

Clockwise from top left; Durian fiesta (thanks to our generous committee for ordering a lorry of durians hihi) | the pretty faci-s; from right Atira, me, Zaza and Nabila | the free goodie bag | my group during the stock market game (siap panjat kerusi ohh) | and us enjoying the durians :)

To my mentees aka groupmates, all the best in reaching for what you want, accountants, engineer, doctors, artist, wheww, I sure am lucky enough to have a group of aspiring professionals :) Sorry for not being an awesome faci like the rest, but trust me, I enjoyed coaching you guys! :)
Clockwise from top left; Ann and me handling our 'doctors' booth | Ristina the US gal hihi-Me-Ann the cutest | my group! Ultraman Badang haha | Adam and me, with Nirali (our mentee) | the coolest camel evahh | the faci-s | the future doctors :)

And of course, last but not least, after Kalsom, all of them came to fetch me up in KL, and we sent off that egg-headed botakhead to his new college the next day :) Have fun lilbro, I know Taylors will treat you well, more than well as far as I can see now =.='

Look how happy he is, having to leave us behind. Evil monster.tsk

I wanted to write more on both projects, because I learned so much and it is unfair to sum it up in a crappy blogpost :( But then again, I guess I'll be recalling stories on the orang asli tribes and the cool form 4 kids in many many many years ahead, probably even to my grandchildren. hihik. Thank You Allah, for allowing me such beautiful experiences :)

Phew. Now that's a pretty long post eh? Kalau x baca memang kuasam la korang, penat taip ni okeh. Haha. Have a blessed Ramadhan guys! :) I guess I'll be updating again soon. Salam


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