Sunday, June 26, 2011

Being happy

Excuse me for not having this blog updated frequently. Haha asyik2 apologizing for the time lag. What to do, blogging hugely depends on my mood. Ecehh.

Anyways, I've been reading a book recently, a very interesting one I would say. Perhaps because whatever mentioned in the book match perfectly with what I feel the moment I read it. You know I'm not really a big fan of non-fiction, self-motivating books but this one caught me off guard.

Have you ever noticed that when you were waiting for an important phone call the phone never seems to ring? But the moment you stopped waiting and started doing something else, it rings. When you waited for a bus to arrive, it never did, but when you stopped waiting and go buy some air tebu nearby, it arrives. Whenever we wait, it takes a long time to happen. Sometimes, it never happens at all. I wonder why. Maybe because we put too much hope for it to happen that it feels like a gazillion years. And maybe I was too attached to the end result. Wayyy too attached.

What if while waiting for the phone to ring, I cooked a light meal. What if while waiting for the bus to arrive, I read a book. That way, the waiting will be less stressful. Plus, it wouldn't piss me off if the phone doesn't ring and the bus doesn't arrive. Well, maybe a bit angry but not as much as if I've been waiting all day long, right? And perhaps, that was the reason of my being unhappy when things doesn't turn out the way I want it to be, especially when I eagerly waited for the thing to happen. Being angry and unhappy all the time aren't really the best way to live life.

I should stop waiting for things. That will detach me from the end result I've been longing too much and then I can be as happy as teletubbies. Yes, as humans we always wanted things to go our way but God always knows best right? Afterall, He is the Master of all planners. Learned this after a 'huge' plan of a roadtrip that I've been looking forward to for the past few weeks went downhill for a reason God knows why. Ok saba2, kita dah plan Allah cakap x jadi, x jadi jugak. So, that would officially ends my waiting era. I won't wait for anything to happen anymore, I'll just start living in the now, instead of worrying about future concerns because when you live in the now, the future'll come tagging along happily indeed, without you forcing it to :)

Besides, what good would it bring to stay mad at people? Say if you're mad at a waiter for serving the wrong dish, yelled at him and then stormed off the restaurant, you'll be the one without dinner that night. You'll end up hungry all night. You'll be embarassing yourself for yelling your ugly face out at the waiter. You spoiled your own mood for the whole night. And the waiter, went back to work without a scratch, and a happy pay. See who's suffering simply for not forgiving? You. Not the waiter. Stop blaming people or else we'll end up being miserable everyday. No wonder people who went through breakups in movies are so miserable, they didn't forgive. While their exes happily move on with life and go snorkelling in Hawaii, they eat chocolates and ice creams and cried all night and gain or lose 10kg of miserable weight.

What a miserable way to live life. There's too many 'miserable' in the sentence, ain't there? =.=

I blabbered too much, didn't I? Oh well, I needed to spill something or my brain will be overflooded with miserable thoughts. I'll just stick to being happy for now :)

Good day everybody! Smile at the makciks selling nasi lemak and the kakaks selling train tickets at the counter, will ya?

Salam :)


zulaikha said...

Salam ziarah (:

u're absolutely right. why hate life, where indeed His plans are greater than what we ever thought of.

increase your attachment to God, and He'll take care the rest, insyaALLAH.

speak with the makcik sitting next to you in the bus, smile to all the people you meet along the way, and always think best of each person you encountered in this journey of life. you'll feel better at the end of the day.

thanks for the sharing, it's a nice post (:

Rhazes said...

another step of maturity :)

Harishah Halim said...


kak, a good post. i like! ^^

btw, blh kita tau apa tajuk buku tu and the author? thanks :)

zulaikhazainol said...

zulaikha; thanks for dropping by! and that picture's beautiful :)

rhazes; i hope so :)

harishah; it's from the book "being happy" by andrew matthews. hehe lupa plak nk include in the post.