Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My superhero.

This is for the man who can't be moved. No no not my boyfriend (as if I had one), but still the first man who's ever been in my heart. If boyfriends and crushes come and go, this man never leaves, no matter how harsh I've treated him. And if relationships and puppy loves break your heart and send you off crying every night, this relationship I had with this man, never breaks mine.

Last Monday was Abah's birthday, and adding to the excitement, the day before was Happy Fathers' Day. Maybe Abah was meant to be the coolest dad ever, that's why his birthday always fall near Happy Fathers' Day. ahaks

We made a video for Abah but for confidential reasons it won't be included here. Cewah. We're never good with words and expressing our love, the only thing close to us expressing our love for Abah is a "love-you" at every end of a phonecall and salam every night before sleep. Well, apart from adik of course, who's the most manja of us all.LOL. Other than that, it feels awkward having to show the love in reality, perhaps because all of us know that deep inside we love him dearly. And maybe for me, growing up made me a bit shy in expressing that kinda love. Despite all that, for all that I know Abah will always be the first and the last man in my heart :)

Abah and Me. 1991, I think :)

Today I learned something new, love those in your life without expectations. Because when you expected something as a return of the love you give, you'll be the most broken-hearted human being ever in history. I guess that's why it's easy to love this man above, because he loves those in his life without expectations. I should really learn from him.

p/s: Sorry if you found my chatbox missing. My smart-ass brother wrote something stupid on it and I have to delete the whole chatbox. Thanks a lot Barney Stinson copycat =.=

p/p/s: I feel like buying a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves. You know why dontcha.

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