Monday, April 25, 2011

The sudden library madness.

When the exams approach, here comes the library madness too. Today was supposed to be a public holiday but because UCD's already in it's study week, the main library opens at 11am. I arrived around 10.50am and a whole bunch of people are already lining up in front of the library. Rasa mcm tgh beratur nk tggu grand opening ZARA ke subway halal ke ape.


Anyways, I was lining up when I saw James Franco yg blakon jadi Harry Osborn bestfriend spiderman dalam Spiderman tu. Seriously. Doppelganger betul. I looked twice or thrice or countless times in disbelief. Ececeh. Ok of course it's not James Franco, but they seriously
look alike, 99% alike. Or is it because my sight is affected by my abnormal sleeping schedule? Sheeeshhh. Obviously it wasn't franco how in the world would spiderman's bestfriend end up in UCD's library anyway (=.=)

Always observed people using this emoticon (me included) --> (=.=)
I always wonder how do you do that face in real life?

Posting some crappy stuff because I'm sleepy and about to doze off anytime now but it's the library so it'll be embarassing to sleep with my mouth open beside the fake James Franco.

post gamba dlm library bg feeling2 dlm library utk org2 yg snggup baca post ni hahah oh btw yg tu bukan fake james franco yg dimaksudkan (=.=)

Ok sudah segar kembali. Thank you blog! :)


p/s: happy 21st birthday gendot! (konfem la x baca blog ni so x mungkin prasan. smoga makin gemok. haha)


Tqah =) said...

ika, jgn tdo kat lib.nanti muka x comel org tgk.huhu..

zulaikhazainol said...

hihihi nasib baik x tido haritu tqah :p