Sunday, April 24, 2011


Finding a clever way of avoiding the books for now; blogging! :)

So I'm gonna randomly blabber on things that happened to cross my mind right now. Well I know this sounds boring and outdated (countdowns are boring), but the finals will start on 3rd May, which is exactly 9 DAYS from now. Every time the exams approach there will always, I tell you, ALWAYS, have a post that sounds like this on this crappy blog. Countdown hari exam, banyak x study lagi, complaint penat blablablabla.

haha. bear with me, as I'll act this way whenever the exam comes.

Now tell me, how is it possible to finish up everything within that 9 days? I have 5 subjects to cover (elective will be stepdaughter-ed for now) and each subjects amounted to a whole pain-in-the-arse countless reading and revising lectures plus past-year papers that seem to never end *pengsan*

And each time that I proceed to the next lecture I'll already forget what I've read previously by then. Memang best sgt, sukew sgt2 kalau baca terus lupa, mmg ohsem la. Memorizing skills are definitely going down the hill =.=

Nevertheless, surrounded by awesome people in the house I begin to love, abso-bloomin-lutely helps with the pressure. We have fooood all the time, we have a borrowed piano, we have a trampoline in the backyard, we have each other's rooms whenever we need the push to study. Most importantly, we are awesome people and awesome people rock! :p

Looked through the old pictures and found one that has everyone in it! Back then nobody expected we'll end up in the same house :) Awesome people belong together kotttt :p

my birthday last year :')

haha pointless picture. just to show the view from my window. harini weather gloomy sket, just like my studying mood =.=

ok nk pegi tenung *bukan baca* buku lama2 sambil main facebook.bye


Iman said...

Trampoline korang best GILA okay! :D

Walrus said...

ika, u know what, u shud have already deactivated your facebook account by now!!!! hehe.

izyan.ariff said...

awe-some-ness :P

zulaikhazainol said...

iman; hehe datang la lagi imannnn! trampoline tu mmg tmpt release tension hahaha :p

walrus; i knowwww rightttt.patutnye time ni dah xde fb kot =.= tapi tahun ni azam baru xnk abaikan fb sbb exam hahahaha >.<

yan; OHSEMMMM! :) jom mkn nasi impit kuah kacang skrg!haha