Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The story of a tree.

There once lived a farmer
A farmer so young and tall
He planted trees and flowers
Through winter and through fall

This farmer has an apple tree
Which he watered everyday
He gave all nutritions the tree needs
To survive in every way

The apple tree now grows healthy and tall
And it thought the farmer loves it the most
It grows with joy and pride among all
Thinking it will forever be loved

One day the farmer, with all his might
Bring home a pretty orange tree
He took care of it, day and night
And up grew the orange tree, tall and bright

The farmer now loved oranges
And he forgot the apples
The apple tree grew ugly and useless
And sat there alone in the darkness

No matter how hard the apple tree tried
To find the water it needs, it didn't want to die
In the hope of being the favourite in the farmer's eye
The apple tree tried and tried.

The apple tree now grew old and tired
The farmer forgot that it existed
He didn't remember how apples taste like
For as humans, sometimes they change their hearts.

As always, a crappy poem from the crappy me.

eka, 1.30am
accompanied by the stars :')


Anonymous said...

ika oi. awat depressing sangat poem hang ni..?

meh na share lagu yg comel huu:


da penah dgr kowt?


Walrus said...

i loike.

zulaikhazainol said...

sarah; aww lagu tu comel! i know tashiru but never heard of this song. haha ye know people write their hearts out when they're depressed.hee :p

walrus; hehe i loikee too :D