Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My birthday girl.

Well, it's 7th of April and I know you'll throw me THE face if I purposely forgot. haha
Mana boleh lupa birthday ira :) Regardless of how many times you bug me annoyingly on that fancy roxy purse, I'm still obliged to wish you a happy birthday right? :p

I remembered when I was in Standard One, back in 1997, Abah came and picked me up from school and I was sooo over the moon in the car to get back home and hug my first baby sister. I remembered Abah asking me, "baby ni kakak nk bagi nama apa?" (back then I was just 'kakak', instead of kaklong).Excited gila, trus rasa cm kakak sulung yg betggjawab ahaks :') Dulu there was a clash on what should we name you. Cewah gaya mcm nak bgi nama kt anak patung ja. haha. Mama wanted to name you Qamarina, and another choice was Zahirah. I voted for Zahirah, because I think it's cool if everybody have the same initials, Z. Zulaikha, Zharrieq, Zahirah, and of course 3 years later there's Zalia ;) And so everyone agreed on Zahirah, the bright one.

Happy 14th birthday ira :)

There're a few things I wish to tell you now, I mean, things I wish I'd know when I was 14 since I don't have a big sister for me to look up to. Don't worry if you have pimples, pimples are cute, and they'll come and go but they won't stay until you're 70 years old =.= Don't worry if you had a crush on some boy, because they'll be gone after SPM and you'll know by then that true love doesn't exist at highschool. Don't worry if some boy says he likes you soooo much, because at 14, boys normally don't mean what they say. Don't worry if sometimes friends leave you, because as you grow up you'll know who stays by your side and who doesn't. Don't worry if you feel stressed out with homeworks and tuitions, because it's just a tiny part of your whole life and you'll get through without you even realising it. Don't worry if a group of girls stare or jeling at you awkwardly, because they're just jealous that they're not as cute as you. Don't worry too much about all the little things in life because God put you through them to turn you into someone one day :)

2007- ignore the fat girl on the right. (see, dulu siap boleh riba lagi)

2010- now xbley nk riba dah dlm kete =.=

I know I'm not a good enough person and sometimes a bad sister, but I love you unconditionally. fewwit romantik x. Stay as you are, as smart, as pretty, as gorgeous as ever. May you grow up to be a wonderful young lady, a good daughter to mama n abah, who do not stumble even when faced with life's toughest decision. Don't brag, don't hate, don't judge people easily.

Happy 14th birthday! :)

Someone who misses you playing the piano,


Anonymous said...

sorry ika~ im such a stalker, i knowww..

suke ngat ur 'wasiat' to ur lil sis. tbe2 rase cam ko ngah nasehat aku lak, bley takkkk (ngahaha, itu bajet mude namenye :P) okay terserlah kekurengmatangan guee~

kem kan epi bday kat cik adik comey ko tu okiess :)


zulaikhazainol said...

sarah; haha xpe ko mmg lagi mude pn dri aku ;p stalk la lagi! at least i know im not alone :p

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