Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For the person who used to read my diary

This is for you. I hope you know that I used to hate you so much to the point of screaming my face off alone in my room, one of the reasons I remembered vividly was because you read my diaryyyyy and you made fun of what I wrote in it! Jahatttttt #*&^%%$ memang kejam gila dlm hati sedih knpe dikurniakan adik x behati perut cmni tsk tsk ;'(

But that was then. When you're such an annoying little rascal who thought he can do anything to his big sister because in the end his lovely big sister will have to claim defeated whenever mama or abah stepped into during the quarrel. Time tu dh la gemok pendek gigi mcm rabbit, pastu gemok2 pn still sanggup ingt diri sndiri comel sbb byk awek kt skolah. huh. bajet punya budak. Smpai skrg x puas hati ngn awek2 dia, mcm nk je ckp, eyy awek2 hampa ni buta ka, x nampak ka dia dh la x handsome gemok plak tu, kt rumah annoying adik yg kejam tau tak tau takkkk. huwarghhh =.="

I used to ask God why oh whyyy did You send me such an annoying brat as my brother. And I used to enjoy our taekwondo classes because that was when I was allowed to beat you up legally when Master paired us up for sparring. muahaha *gelak jahat* mmg sedap ah sepak flying kick dia secare legal. Perasaan teharu diberi peluang menflyingkick adik sndiri x dpt digambarkn dgn kata2 :') Macam nk jerittt OH THANK YOU MASTERRRR I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT SINCE FOREVER XD

That was back then. Now you're taller and heavier than me, and I bet you can beat me up if we're in any taekwondo class =.= Time flies so freakin fast that I often wondered if you ever walked into a doraemon time machine or something, suddenly changing into this handsome young man who had recently embark on your own journey to reach for what you want. I didn't have the chance to say this properly, but a hugeeeee CONGRATULATIONS on your results, alhamdulillah, you made your big sis really proud :') lu mmg power ah bro,

Muhammad Zharrieq Haizzad bin Zainol bin Hajeed (abah slalu ckp nama ayit cool sbb initial dia ZHZH), in whatever path you choose next, choose it because you wanted to, you're big enough to make your own decisions, and always consult those who care for you. If you choose to be an actuarist, a doctor, a pilot, or a noodle station waiter, you're still my only brother I'll always love and support. I'm sorry that you didn't have any real big brother to talk to, instead you only have a lousy big sister. But don't worry, one day when I get married you'll have a big bro you can hang out with hihi you'll grow wiser and smarter as you go along.

2007- aaaaargh stress sbb x jmpe gmba gemok pendek gigi mcm rabbit. xpe ni pun da cukup nk mggambarkn saat2 akhir era gemok pendek dia.

fast forward: 2011

bro gamba lu x pnah ada yg decent. semua tetonggek la, tenganga la. =.='

oh cantek kakak kau, kem salam skett

And don't forget to thank Him all the time, aite ? ;) Happy applying all scholarships and universities available on earth! :p I love you longggg time ma brahh!