Thursday, April 07, 2011


For those of you who frequented this blog, you'll notice that I've just recently opened it back for the public. ceh bajet artis. Anyways, you might be sick of me acting all emo-ish suddenly closing the blog, suddenly deactivating facebook, suddenly activating facebook, suddenly reopening the blog, suddenly having a secret tumblr yadayadayada, but what to do, that's part of a 20-year-old freak growing up. I repeat, freak. Because no other 20-year-olds acted this way.

So, why do I suddenly feel like writing again? Don't ask because I have no answers for that. Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. Well partly because I've always love writing. You know, people who find it hard to express things in words will often say things better when they write, and I'm part of that group.

Ok amende la minah ni bebel panjang. The point is, see the title of the post? It's HAPDET. So just so you know, I've moved to my new house last week. Quite a hassle. With lotsa phone calls made to arrange for our moving out, call landlord yg mcm ape halau org kelua awal, call pakcik van, call elektrik, call bank to change address, call internet blablabla. It was exhausting, for everyone. Luckily our new house has a trampoline *tetibe*

And with a gazillion stuffs to be packed, it wasn't something you enjoy doing everyday.

our room. before and after kemas. sobs

So, my new place was nice. I'm falling in love with my room already, and I don't miss my previous crib. And about this whole move-out thing, for those of you who knew, don't judge. For those of you who think you knew, don't judge. For those of you who heard stories from others and suddenly think you knew, don't judge too. Because assumptions kill.

Have a nice day everyone! Nak sambung hidup sbg budak medik jap. hahah


cik hani said...

cute je bilik tu..
white kaler..

i loikeeee...

zulaikhazainol said...

oh hi! thanks :)