Friday, April 08, 2011


I've been wanting to post this up for quite some time. See the live traffic feed normally found on most blogs? Know what's that for? That is to tell you who come and go on your site and what leads them here. Mine has often been my all-time source of amusement. It's fun to watch people who searched on other stuff but unfortunately ended up on this crappy blog.

So here's how the traffic feed looked like.

There're some logic ones like this one. "zulaikhazainol" and "dengki". Probably because of my previous post on hasad dengki. Tapi "Dublin arrived from on 'she has a blog' by searching for zulaikhazainol "?? BY SEARCHING FOR? hoyeah ada org search I tau. hot stuff x hot stuff x =.=" ok menggelabah di situ. No the point is, rasa terharu ada org sudi bce blog ni. sobs

And then comes the funny ones like this one. "soon to be a good doctor likes abah" ???Maybe he/she wanted to be a doctor like his/her dad but I have no idea how he/she ended up here. haha. grammar pun comel je salah. haha eh buruk prangai tego grammar org mcm kau perfect sgt ish. or maybe he/she meant bakal doktor yg baik suka abah? =.="

And then there're a few serious ones who searched on serious stuff like this, "hadis hak seorang muslim keatas muslim yang lain". I assumed my previous post where I put in a hadith on that actually led this person to my blog. Honestly, I feel bad for him/her. Mesti niat nk cari hadith from a good article tp tepaksa terbukak blog crappy ni, mintak maapp=.=

Okay this one is epic! I have no idea how someone who searched for "hady mirza is a nurse" ended up here. Since when have I ever posted things about hady mirza being a nurse? Seriously, a NURSE? Sejak ble hady mirza jadi nurse. Hadoi. And then there's a person searching for "facebook dalila kolej mara banting". kalau zulaikha kolej mara banting ok gak. xtau cne bley lead to blog ni, tp kalau nk mintak kirim salam kt dalila, boley sajeee :p

So yeah, I don't know in what way would this post matter to you. I just find it entertaining. And to those who happened to read this blog and couldn't find what you're searching for, thousand apologies for that.

If you have a blog, have a peek at your traffic feed and you'll never know who in the world actually finds you in the silliest way ;)


ghina nisa said...

dublin,search zulaikhazainol: die guna IE.aku sure ini keje budak ucd yang pakai komputer lab

ghina nisa said...

ade sorang reach my blog dengan google search : bandar pelabuhan morocco yang menjadi tajuk sebuah lagu....whatthe...

zulaikhazainol said...

OK YG TU LAWAK GILE! hahaha ingt ko minah berber ke nk cari psl morocco kt ghinanisa hahahaha XD