Friday, March 04, 2011

Spring break

I've been staring at this for a very long time.

In the mood of updating but have absolutely no idea on what to blabber about this time. I say "in the mood", because I've recently learned that blogging provides me with the most effective distraction. yayy. Ok here goes.

These past few weeks I've finally achieved a few stuff I targeted on gastrologically to the delight of my tummy;

1- Baked a few batches of chocbanana muffins, each in less than an hour. Thanks to you-know-who, who accompanied me on the first batch ;)

2- Successfully cooked chicken curry without santan! okay I know this is not something to brag about but hey, an amateur like me should be very happy because a can of santan would cost you ~RM8.00 here. faham x skrg faham x pencapaian besar ni?

3- Innocently ate out at Nyonya (a malaysian restaurant) after our midterm test even though the current financial status only qualify to eat nasi putih and kicap. Ikan bakar, almond thai chicken, kangkong sambal sotong, rendang daging, ha amek kau kene 68euro.

4- Made 13pieces of roti canai, which took me almost an hour to mix everything and to knead. Dah knead, early morning kena canai plak. Reminds me of tok waking up early in the morning to canai :')

5- Bancuh my fav nescafe with condensed milk! Now there's a huge difference if we used fresh milk, it doesn't taste like malaysia's. Condensed milk would cost you 1-2euro per can, fresh milk 79cents per litre. So to have a can of condensed milk once in a while is definitely an asset.

Yeah I know life is so pathetic here. Things you would get with a single finger-tap in malaysia would put you through a lot of hassle to get, here. Sedih lagi menyedihkan. And btw, my 2-week spring break has officially started, but another three midterm tests are coming up after the break. Not really a break afterall.

and anddd the PMC-bound seniors are going back this week, tomorrow to be exact. Heading back to finish up their remaining medical studies in Penang. If you're reading I wish you all the best in penang, penang will treat you well don't worry, best city ever tuu. See you when I see you :)

And around this time next year, half of these people are going back to PMC too, ditching me of course.

Ok what's there to be sad about. You have another one year with them kot. Plus, all of them are looking forward to go back to PMC next year that nobody would even notice and remember those tiny minor group that will be left behind. A whole new environment will always erase the old one you leave.jumpa kawan baru, kawan lama, bye ah. and sadly next year, I will belong to the latter. Fighting through med school alone with a bunch of remaining friends having the same fate.


ghina nisa said...

mcm tau ja sapa ajaq kari w/o santan tuh~

zulaikhazainol said...

hikhikhik :p