Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hasad dengki.

Remember the post I wrote on the 8th of September 2010? Tipu. Harusla x ingat.

Entitled so poyo-ly: Oh yes I am the jealous type!

I re-read the post and realized that sometimes the things I said I'd do, are not the things I actually did. I said I'll throw away all inferiority and jealousy I felt to others I regarded as more priviledged than me, in terms of beauty, or intelligence, or hard work etc, but it seemed like I still have those inferiority complexes in me.

my interpretation of hasad dengki. *i'm not the one on the left for sure (=.=')

Tengok org pandai, rasa diri bodoh, so nak pandai jugak.
Tengok org rajin, rasa diri mcm tapir pemalas, so nak rajin jugak.
Tengok org cantik, rasa diri hodoh, so nak cantik jugak.

In a nutshell, everything other people have, semue nak. Jealous sana, inferior sini.
Banyak cantik, yg sendiri punye pun xreti bersyukur lagi.
Tamak haloba nak Allah tambah lagi.

kena start cakap serupa bikin dah ni.

I stumbled upon an article about hasad dengki, I forgot the source and I don't know if it's reliable, but it says, hasad dengki ada tiga tahap;

1- envy on what other people have, silently
2- envy on what other people have, and want to have it for your own good
3- envy on what other people have, want to have it for your own good, and willing to do anything to stop others from having it too.

get it? no? ok simply said;

1-jealous nampak org makan aiskrim
2-jealous nampak org makan aiskrim, rasa nak jugak aiskrim dia
3-jealous nampak org makan aiskrim, nak aiskrim dia, and sanggup tahan pakcik aiskrim dr menjual aiskrim kt org lain selain dia sahaje.

so yeah, make sure our jealousy is on the positive side, don't let it consume you until you reach the level of selfish-ness by stopping others from having what they want.

there's another interesting snippet of hadith here too :)

come on people, let's change our attitude on how we see things, jealousy and envy are a huge waste of time :D