Sunday, March 06, 2011


A quick post on what hit me yesterday,

We are not here to compete. Studying here is not the same as in SPM or KMB, where we competed for that one place, for that one scholarship, for that one university offer. For all that we know we're already here. Already in the place we once competed and worked our socks off to get. There's no such things as succeeding and achieving the highest ever marks alone. Because everyone will still end up being a doctor, undergoing the same internship. It's all about going through this together. If you're still stuck with the attitude, "ni nota aku, aku punye, kau xyah," baik balik skolah amek spm, bagi dapat straight A+ sorg2. Kamon la.

terasa? me too.

p/s: "but still, how do you drag everyone together to the finishing line if they refused to follow." well, go figure.